Appraisal and valuation

What constitutes value? This is probably the most subjective question that can be asked. Is there ever a day when we don’t consider the value of something?

Value is the importance that we attach to things or circumstances. This makes value a subjective concept.

Appraisal is the act of developing an objective opinion of what something is worth.

In the case of real estate, value is also dependent on specific property characteristics, ongoing (lease) contracts or other obligations, and local and regional circumstances. In addition, it is important to determine in advance what type of value is required since there are a variety of standards of value. In fact, there is often confusion about the standards of value used or needed.

Applying the right standard of value in order to determine the correct appraisal value is absolutely critical to the choices the real estate parties face.

No wonder that real estate appraisal requires a special kind of skill – a skill which incorporates the ability to substantiate appraisals with figures as well as a strong intuitive knowledge of the market that cannot be expressed in numbers. To ensure the quality of its appraisals, FrisoXpert is listed in the Vastgoedcert register of certified estate agents and appraisers in the Netherlands, in the expert rooms ‘Commercial Real Estate’ and ‘Residential/SME’. It goes without saying that all appraisals are carried out in accordance with the customary standards.

What appraisal services does FrisoXpert provide?

  • Valuation of all types of commercial property, including office, shop and business space
  • Valuation of leased residential complexes, land and other exploitation-related real estate
  • Appraisals of property for purchase or sale decisions, investment transactions, mergers, takeovers, bankruptcies, letting and lease transactions, and tax matters
  • Portfolio analyses, advice on portfolio strategies, buy-sell and hold decisions
  • Appraisal/advice on the influence of structural adaptations on the (lease) value of commercial property
  • Appraisal/advice on the performance of real estate portfolios and possibilities for improvement

FrisoXpert evaluates and advises on preliminary designs, final designs and market position

Pand aan water

FrisoXpert lets and manages local shopping centres with various facilities


FrisoXpert: your partner in displacement and relocation of commercial leaseholders during renovation


FrisoXpert supervises office redevelopment and lease projects

Rood bedrijfspand

FrisoXpert lets and manages shopping centres


FrisoXpert supervises (re)development projects from preparation up to completion

Real estate

FrisoXpert acts as an intermediary in the leasing and letting of shop space


FrisoXpert advises on and sells your new construction plans


FrisoXpert supervises expropriation and relocation programmes


FrisoXpert supervises the redesignation of property and zoning plan changes

Vrijstaande woning

FrisoXpert lets and manages ‘mixed-use complexes’