Real estate research and advice

Sound advice does not have to be expensive. Quite the contrary, economising on good advice can turn out to be a costly mistake. This is especially true for real estate, where often important interests and large sums of money are involved.

If you have any questions about real estate matters, real estate-related contracts or planning issues, FrisoXpert will be happy to look into your request. FrisoXpert is experienced in researching a wide variety of issues, from existing real estate to new construction, urban real estate to rural real estate, and existing contracts to new contracts. Examples include:

  • characteristics study of real estate objects
  • evaluation of preliminary/final design or programme of requirements
  • commercial assessment of renovation or expansion plans
  • cadastral research
  • contract analysis of ongoing contracts and new contracts
  • analysis of plans (zoning plans and other statutory information)
  • market analysis of existing real estate as well as new construction (plans)

Naturally, each evaluation is concluded with a recommendation. In addition to a report of the findings, clear advice tailored to the client’s needs is also provided.

FrisoXpert evaluates and advises on preliminary designs, final designs and market position

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FrisoXpert lets and manages local shopping centres with various facilities


FrisoXpert: your partner in displacement and relocation of commercial leaseholders during renovation


FrisoXpert supervises office redevelopment and lease projects

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FrisoXpert lets and manages shopping centres


FrisoXpert supervises (re)development projects from preparation up to completion

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FrisoXpert acts as an intermediary in the leasing and letting of shop space


FrisoXpert advises on and sells your new construction plans


FrisoXpert supervises expropriation and relocation programmes


FrisoXpert supervises the redesignation of property and zoning plan changes

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FrisoXpert lets and manages ‘mixed-use complexes’