FrisoXpert, for Business to Business real estate advice

Anywhere where people live, land and buildings are needed. It is therefore very likely that at one point or another you will be a user, owner, letter or tenant of real estate.
It is also true that where people are, there are dynamics. As people’s desires and needs change continuously, so do the requirements that are placed on real estate.

FrisoXpert offers a full range of advice and support services in the following areas of expertise:

Areas of expertise

FrisoXpert is your partner when it comes to commercial real estate (shop, office and business space) and investment properties such as rental accommodation, mixed-use complexes and social real estate. FrisoXpert also provides real estate users, owners, letters, tenants and investors with support and advice.

Doing business with FrisoXpert also means that you have access to FrisoXpert’s network of professionals. This way, FrisoXpert ensures that clients can benefit from integrated real estate advice and services.

Who is FrisoXpert

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Real estate wanted and on offer

FrisoXpert evaluates and advises on preliminary designs, final designs and market position

Pand aan water

FrisoXpert lets and manages local shopping centres with various facilities


FrisoXpert: your partner in displacement and relocation of commercial leaseholders during renovation


FrisoXpert supervises office redevelopment and lease projects

Rood bedrijfspand

FrisoXpert lets and manages shopping centres


FrisoXpert supervises (re)development projects from preparation up to completion

Real estate

FrisoXpert acts as an intermediary in the leasing and letting of shop space


FrisoXpert advises on and sells your new construction plans


FrisoXpert supervises expropriation and relocation programmes


FrisoXpert supervises the redesignation of property and zoning plan changes

Vrijstaande woning

FrisoXpert lets and manages ‘mixed-use complexes’